Angel’s Booth Outreach Sees 2500 saved

by Lorne Silverstein

08.000a.jpgThe work of the Great Commission continued in Edmonton, Alberta during July, 2005 as 25 churches from different denominations joined together in unity at the annual “Angel’s Booth” outreach to win souls. The Lord says in Mark 16, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” and so “Go” we did – into the marketplace to share the love of Christ. During the 10-day Klondike Days Exposition exactly 2,476 people’s names were written in the “Lamb’s Book of Life.” This was the fruit of the labour of a team of 75 people, trained and led by outreach leader Rita Silverstein. And because each team member had received the approval and blessing of their pastor, there was the collective authority of 25 churches joining together in the power of the united body of Christ.The “Angel’s Booth” began 11 years ago and is a ministry of Every Home For Jesus, a non-denominational group of people from Edmonton and area. Coordinated by Lorne and Rita Silverstein, the organization is overseen by about a dozen churches and pastors from the region. In this outreach, a ministry to the marketplace, a booth is set up at trade shows and fairs in Edmonton and Calgary with the theme “Free Spiritual Readings”. Prophetic words with the love of God to reveal Jesus Christ are shared to bridge people into the gospel.

08.000d.jpgPrayer was a major element before and during this outreach as people came boldly before the throne of grace to “ask, seek and knock” for the souls of men and women. The half of the booth that was set up as a prayer tent during the 10-day outreach was filled day and night with people crying out for the inheritance of the nations.Many Moslems were saved. In one case a middle-aged Moslem couple were seated at a table with their 17 year old son standing between them, bent over the both of them, intently listening so he could hear God’s love for him. The three of them prayed together accepting Jesus as their Savior. Sikhs were saved and found Jesus as the only way to God. Atheists changed their minds and became believers in Christ. An agnostic man there with his wife said he tried to believe in God as she did but he just could not believe until we came into agreement and prayed the blinders from his eyes. Finally he could accept Jesus as his Savior and so did his wife.

Many seniors were saved. Two in particular were 75-year-old women who had gone to church all their lives and who knew about Jesus but had never invited him into their lives. They both received his forgiveness and the free gift of eternal life. Even some psychics were saved. They discovered that there is a God who loves them and has real power to change their lives. The vast majority of salvations were teenagers. Many came in groups of three or more. It was a joyous sight to see in one case six teens all holding hands around a table receiving Jesus into their hearts.

Follow-up cards that were filled out provided further contact information and all who received Jesus were given “The Father’s Love Letter”, a directory of Alpha courses, “Knowing Jesus Personally” Bible study, and a Bible if one was needed.

We give thanks to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and to everyone who participated in the outreach as heaven and earth joined together in unity to bring in this precious harvest of souls.

Lorne and Rita Silverstein, Co-ordinators

Every Home For Jesus

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